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Upcoming gigs

I got a couple of good gigs coming up.
Firstly I am playing at STFU Glasgow next Saturday 29th May

Then this:


Drag & Drop 6
at Rock & Roll Circus, Canal Road, Armley

PIFCO – Steve, Mary and Moz (sometime members of Cowtown, D’Astro, Two Minute Noodles, Chops and Quack Quack) make a raw garagey no-fi racket in a Fall/ Country Teasers style. Ultra-pummel.

QUIP – Highly underrated Leeds button-botherer Ben Eyes plays electronic music that veers between the thoughtful chimes of Gareth S Brown and Randomnumber to danceable rubbery party-squelch more often found on labels like Rephlex.

QUACK QUACK – Now legendary powerhouse of Moz, Stu and Turps (who also thumps in Bilge Pump) play party-krautrock compositions with car boot Casios and booming bass. Tonight is the launch for their new album SLOW AS AN EYEBALL.

DJs are mr & mrs shumsky playing indiepop and Claire Circuit playing politically incorrect glam rock, etc.

Entry by donation, £4 recommended.
Doors 10pm, first band 10.30pm sharp.
THIS IS A BRING YOUR OWN BOOZE EVENT. There are no off licences open past 10pm in the area and booze is not for sale at the venue.