Kendal Calling

Deer Is Raving

I’m taking the drum machines out for a spin this weekend. Kendal Calling is a weekend long festival set in a stunning Deer park near erm Penrith. Other acts include Andy Wetherall, Super Furry Animals and Skream. Its gonna be well mid-90s. I’m on the Traffic Stage on Sunday night playing some Acid and Rave classix.

Kendal Calling Website

Open Source Acid at GINLICK

The Grroove Doctor
The Grroove Doctor

Performing this Saturday as part of the open source acid night at Ginlick in Shepards Bush – more info . Going for an all hardware setup as a bit of a tester for Kendal Calling. Setup is  – Korg Electribe SX, Roland 707 Drum Machine, Roland Sh-101 Synth and newly acquired Boss Dr.Groove DR-202. The Electribe has the master clock, with the 707 and 202 as slaves. The 707 sends sync pulses to the 101’s clock for arpeggiator and sequencer. Audio wise I have everything going to a small Yamaha mixer and an fx send to a Boss RF-1 effects unit. The RF-1 is running a hall reverb, bit crusher and some BPM effects that are quite mental.

This setup is amazingly flexible with room for improvisation and live tweaking.  I actually much prefer moving from each machine to tweak and adjust rather than flipping menus in a midi controller.  The style I am doing is simple electro/ techno but it gets quite nasty and wig out at times, even with one pattern going. The 707 cuts through everything like a champion, and although a very simple machine has a great sound and is fantastic for live setups. I was unsure of the DR-202, but the sounds are great, with some lovely lo-fi scratches and hits, also the roll function is incredible allowing you to change the speed of rolls mid roll. Will post an mp3 when i done my set.

Summer Stuff

Current projects I am working on:

Dominoes: Getting together a sound design project for the artist Peter van Lanschot more news when its done.

Working on an album with the Diamond Sea, my new band with Matthew Robson from Random Number, and Lee Hooper from Inecto School. The rough mixes are sounding good and we did our first gig the other day and the general reaction was positive. Some vocals and guitars need recording, then we gotta mix it and hopefully find a deal for the release.

Kelpe has asked for a remix in return for remixing the Diamond Sea so that should be going ahead soon.
Also getting my “festival set” together for the summer months. Expect large bass lines, beats and lots of synths. LOTS of them.

Richard Devine Workshop

I was lucky to attend the Richard Devine workshop hosted by Centrifuge and Jazz Mutant at futuresonic. Truely inspirational, the workshop focused on his use of the Lima touchscreen interface. He also talked about his working practises and showed of some of his favourite techniques. He was really approachable and hosted a great session.

Kendal Calling

Very privileged to be asked to play on the mighty Traffic stage at Kendal Calling this year. Will be bringing over the hardware and scratch technician Replete for this gig. Hardware in the form of my new Roland 707 and the SH-101. Expect slow techno nod outs to warm up the crowd for Skream et al. This is a nice gig as the North West is best, and I can go downhilling at the very cool Whinlatter trail centre in the day.


STFU Leeds

STFU banner
STFU banner

STFU Leeds
Live Electronic Music
Saturday 9th May 7 till late
Films Sunday 10th May from 2pm

Militsiya (Neo Ouija)
Autistici (Audiobulb)
Scrubber Fox (Skam)
Mortal and Chemist (Skam)
Jonathan Fisher (Hippocamp)
Bla (STFU)
Tommy Walker III (Human Shield)
Zanf (Electronical)
Unknown Forces of Everyday Life (STFU)
Igor Hax
Visuals curated by Liz Ainge

Saturday 9th May 7pm – Late Sunday 10th May 2pm Film showings
The Common Place 23 – 25 Wharf St
Leeds LS2 7EQ
£4 Members £6 Non-Members


Furturesonic – The Centrifuge Club Event
The Soup Kitchen, 31-33 Spear Street
Manchester, Northwest

Cost:£5 or free with festival pass
Description:Day events free. Club event £5 or free with Delegate Pass Workshop and live set from me and… Three events in one: A unique street rave with NeuTek performing chip-glitch music on a portable device fed wirelessly to Boombot Soundsystem speaker workshops and seminars in association with touch-screen control interface innovators Jazzmutant; and internationally renowned sound artist Richard Devine.

Centrifuge Logo
Centrifuge Logo

Binary Jam Tim Exile and Sarah Elliot

This gig was fantastic. Played in the lovely Bluecoat centre in Liverpool. Binary jam was invited along to play and all the acts were amazing, Wrongbot, Jaqs Malchance and the headliners Tim Exile and Sarah Elliot.
If you get a chance to see these two play together do so. Sarah has a great big piano rigged with motors and little hammers to trigger sounds on the piano, her playing is fantastic and with Tim’s trademark hyper fx and edits. The two managed to improvise a half hour slot of explosive sound design and beats that never flagged in energy or ideas.

All in all a really inspiring night of music and performance and radically different to the usual laptop yawns.