Upcoming gigs

I got a couple of good gigs coming up.
Firstly I am playing at STFU Glasgow next Saturday 29th May

Then this:


Drag & Drop 6
at Rock & Roll Circus, Canal Road, Armley

PIFCO – Steve, Mary and Moz (sometime members of Cowtown, D’Astro, Two Minute Noodles, Chops and Quack Quack) make a raw garagey no-fi racket in a Fall/ Country Teasers style. Ultra-pummel.

QUIP – Highly underrated Leeds button-botherer Ben Eyes plays electronic music that veers between the thoughtful chimes of Gareth S Brown and Randomnumber to danceable rubbery party-squelch more often found on labels like Rephlex.

QUACK QUACK – Now legendary powerhouse of Moz, Stu and Turps (who also thumps in Bilge Pump) play party-krautrock compositions with car boot Casios and booming bass. Tonight is the launch for their new album SLOW AS AN EYEBALL.

DJs are mr & mrs shumsky playing indiepop and Claire Circuit playing politically incorrect glam rock, etc.

Entry by donation, £4 recommended.
Doors 10pm, first band 10.30pm sharp.
THIS IS A BRING YOUR OWN BOOZE EVENT. There are no off licences open past 10pm in the area and booze is not for sale at the venue.

Supporting Gyratory System this weekend

I’m playing with a great band called Gyratory System this Saturday 13th February at The Nation of Shopkeepers in Leeds. They seem to be an interesting mix of electronics and jazz/rock. http://www.gyratorysystem.com/

The gigs on Saturday and its 3 quid to get in. To celebrate this live fusion I’m going to be playing banjo and a home made theremin, you know so I don’t look out of place or anything.

Nice poster by Adam
Nice poster by Adam

Quip Stainburn Ep available now on Inaudible Answer

These tracks were made at the beginning of the 2009 to mark the discovery of Stainburn forest, a wild, windswept area near North Leeds. I found the place strange, stark and beautiful in equal measure. Experiments in using cheap toy organs, my own voice and guitars to form drifting melodies mixed with electronic beats underlay

Ep Cover
Ep Cover

the whole EP. Similarities to early Fourtet, Hood and Fridge could be made.

Link to Inaudible Answer