Konstanz Gig

I did a gig at STFU Konstanz in Germany. Was a great weekend, was cool to hang with the usual crew and some great new faces.

My set was the last one on Saturday and I tried to get the place moving. I’m using some new synths in this one and I am pretty pleased with how it went down.

Summer Gigs

Some gigs for your diaries:

27th July Southside Beer festival, Glasgow

3rd August – Green Gathering, Chepstow
Playing on a solar stage somewhere in time.

5th September – Wharf Chambers, Leeds
Local gig with fellow compadre Matt Robson

Gigs Tunes and Thoughts

Lots of things in the pipe line and some half baked hair brained schemes.

Two new live sets performed at Dresden STFU over Summer:
The first being a more traditional Electro / Acid affair, the second performed in a lovely outdoor courtyard with thunder and rain. Was a very cool gig and thanks to all the lovely people who were organising and dancing. All the acts I saw were brilliant and it reminded me of why I love the STFU festivals and why I do what I do. Life affirming stuff really.

Some video :

Some pics: